Preference Claims

If you wish to enquire about a Preference Mars land Claim then use the email form below.

Normally you can choose any available area up to 100 Sq Km on Mars, but we can negotiate a deal for a larger area should you wish. We use lines of long & lat to divide the Mars Globe. We use the non-decimal divisions [ie, minutes and seconds] which is ideal for those people who know their home co-ordinates on Earth and want the same on Mars!

We use the Marble Globe [based on Voyager mapping images] to show you the plots and also, should you wish, we plot your claim for all to see [plus your name and any choice for name of a future city on your plot]. If you would rather stay anonymous that's fine.

See the video file of the Mars Globe at the media section of our Mars.Sale website:


Note: planned plots are naturally bigger in the equatorial regions [approx 100Sq Km]. They decrease in size to just 25 Sq Km by 75 deg N or S.